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La Casa Gelato produces the finest gelato, sorbetto and yogurt found anywhere around the world!

We are located in Vancouver, Canada and have been serving the lower mainland for over 34 years. Information about some of the best gelato and gelato cake creations available are only a few clicks away. With 588+ flavours and growing, Vince and his staff will treat your senses to a gelato experience like no other.

Once inside this ice cream wonderland, you will witness the only shop in the world to carry 238 flavours on location at a time. It is here where you can find your favorite flavours, as well as your not-so-favorite flavours.

We invite everyone to visit us, sample our multitude of flavours, and judge for yourself if it is the best gelato you have ever had. We have something for everyone including: non-fat, non-dairy, low-fat, and sugar-free!


Come on in and try a few of our 238 flavours, and then make your decision – we have to warn you though, it will be a difficult one!

In 1982 La Casa Gelato/International Sports Bar was opened on 18th & Commercial in Vancouver where we served pizza, panarotti, panni, and of course ice cream! Back then we only had 12 different flavours of gelato and sorbetto.

In the following years we decided to focus only on gelato and the rest is history!


Recognized as North America’s largest gelateria, our impressive list of 88 flavours brought curious visitors from all over the world. While our business grew and flavours changed, our traditional recipes and real ingredients stayed the same. The same recipes which are used today!

1996 The Flavours Grow to 68

We now featured 68 different flavours of gelato to choose from! Welcoming the challenges from customers who missed the taste of their childhood, if ever asked to create a new international flavour, Vince created it. Flavours like Durian, ____would emerge into delicious, creamy Italian gelato!

La Casa Gelato Moves To Venables

Vince’s gelato had become so popular in the community, a new and bigger Casa was needed. The International Ice Cream Factory was built and La Casa Gelato had found its new home! The 4,000 square foot, brightly painted pink brick building, would become iconic and recognized as Vancouver’s “pink building.” The new location opened with 40 flavours of gelato.

La Casa Gelato Opens With 20 Flavours

Vince Misceo started with a single batch of his family’s gelato recipe. The Misceo family then owned The International Sports Bar and Gelateria” on Vancouver’s famous Commercial Drive. The tradition started with flavours like Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Tartufo and Lemon Sorbetto.

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