Making It Official With Guinness World Records!

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When we first opened in 1982, we were just a small Italian Sports bar serving 20 flavours in East Vancouver. La Casa Gelato was opened on Venables and expanded to 40 flavours.

Before long, we had 68 flavours, then 88, followed by 138. Vince who still owns and operates the store with his family, soon became known as “The Gelato King!” Of course, Vince being his perseverant self, didn’t stop there! He kept creating more and more until there were an iconic 168 flavours in the 90’s!

Today we have more flavours than any other ice cream shop in the WORLD! While we’ve created 588 flavours to date, we are the unofficial record holders with 238 flavours on location! And now we are making it official!

Join US November 14th For Guiness World Record Day!

Each year Guiness hosts a world wide event known as “World Record Day” and this year the event is planned for November 14, 2019. GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Day (GWR Day) is an annual celebration of record-breaking, a day which sees thousands of people around the world come together with one common goal, to become a title holder. This year, we will be joining the wordwide event and making our 238 flavours the “Official World Record” holder for the most commercially available ice cream flavours.

To celebrate the occation, we will be making a special new flavour of gelato. What flavour are we adding to our already spectacular roster? Well, you’ll just have to wait to find out! We will be announcing the flavour just before the big day.

The BC Children’s Hospital is our charity of choice and so very important to families from all across British Columbia. The services the hospital gives to both children in need of medical care, and the support they offer to the families, truly is amazing. There is always need for help from the community to continue to offer crucial medical care to sick kids. To do our part to help, all proceeds from the sale of our special flavour, will be donated to the BC Children’s Hospital. We would LOVE for you to come and join us on GWR day, try our special flavour and celebrate the occation with us. If you can’t make it on November 14th, you can always donate to the hospital on their website here.

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