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Dairy free doesn’t mean flavour free.

We’ve heard it plenty of times… dairy free ice cream isn’t as good. Well we would have to argue that statement! In fact, during the hotter months in Italy, sorbetto is more popular than gelato. Unlike regular ice cream, Italian gelato and sorbetto are all about flavour and texture. While gelato is made with milk, sorbetto is made with water and real fruit juices.

Most of our sorbetto flavours are fruit based, and all are made with real fruit! While we have the classic Italian favourites like Lemon which NEVER go out of style, we have some pretty wild flavours of sorbetto too! Let’s kick things up a bit things month…


This month’s flavour of the month is…..

Wildberry Jalapeno!

Sweet wild berries are amazing but to take it to the next level, we’ve added fresh and HOT Jalapeno peppers in the mix. How spicy is it? Well, here’s a recent taste tester who braved the wild side of the shop and tried it out for his YouTube channel “Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Don’t miss out on trying our Flavour Of The Month! Find us to try it for yourself.

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