238 Flavours On-Site!

238 Flavours On-Site!

La Casa Sorbetto

La Casa Sorbetto

La Casa Gelato

La Casa Gelato

Try all the flavours,
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Made in small batches from our special recipes, our products are created from only natural ingredients such as whole milk, fresh fruits, and pure chocolate.

Gelato means Frozen in Italian!
Traditional Italian ice cream. The difference between gelato and ice cream is that gelato is made with milk and sometimes eggs, versus cream in ice cream recipes. Since milk has less fat than cream, gelato has less fat content than ice cream.

Sorbetto – Unlike gelato, sorbetto is made with water, real fruit and juices. Without any dairy products like milk or eggs, sorbetto is the Italian word for sorbet. Also known as “Italian Ice” this dairy free frozen treat is full of fruit flavour and the perfect choice for those who are lactose

Way back in the days, an old family recipe for “pizzelle” was created in Celano, a small mountain town in Abruzzo, Italy. For generations this recipe has been handed down and today it has become a mainstay at La Casa Gelato.

All our waffle cones are hand-made fresh in-house and grilled to perfection with quality and excellence in mind.

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Did you know: Our tokens are real Casino chips sourced from Las Vegas?
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We have the largest selection of Gelato, Sorbetto, Yogurt-based ice cream in Canada - Don't worry, we'll help you choose. Come in and try all the flavours!

Cone, Cup or Litre?

Our waffle cones are house-made daily. Let's face it, life is just better chocolate dipped with pink sprinkles! Cups and litres are also available.

1 Scoop Cone or Cup

1 Flavour

2 Scoop Cone or Cup

Up to 2 Flavours

3 Scoop Cone or Cup

Up to 3 Flavours

1/2 Litre

1 Flavour

1 Litre

Up to 2 Flavours

Dipped Cone


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