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We’re all family here.

We are located in Vancouver, Canada and have been serving the lower mainland for over 34 years. Information about some of the best gelato and gelato cake creations available are only a few clicks away. With 588+ flavours and growing, Vince and his staff will treat your senses to a gelato experience like no other.

In 1982 La Casa Gelato/International Sports Bar was opened on 18th & Commercial in Vancouver where we served pizza, panarotti, panni, and of course ice cream! Back then we only had 12 different flavours of gelato and sorbetto.

In the following years we decided to focus only on gelato and the rest is history!

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JUNE 2018: Passion Fruit Raspberry Sorbetto

Creamy, refreshing, sweet and tart, this
summery sorbetto is bursting with tropical flavour.
Care to take a mini vacation?

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